Visualize real-time


When it comes to innovative and best-in-class digital LED signs, RMG continues to lead the way. Building on over 37 years of industry experience, MAX NETLITE EON is RMG’s brightest addition to its product line. EON offers customers high-performance and reliability in one high-tech package for long-lasting and energy-efficient LED displays.

Influence Behavior with Real-Time Data

RMG MAX NETLITE EON is the perfect digital signage LED solution for a range of markets including contact centers and supply chains – industries in which it is critical to visualize real-time performance data in order to influence behavior, to inspire action, and to impact results.

Empower Viewers with Data and Content
across Systems, Platforms, and Technologies.

MAX NETLITE EON connects to your internal systems and platforms to visually communicate your data, offering audiences a visual solution in custom LED displays.


Intelligent digital signage that collects, analyses, and displays data.


RMG’s digital signage systems can integrate with multiple disparate data sources to aggregate information.


Intelligent digital signage systems synthesize information into meaningful graphics and display content in real time.

Viewer Engagement is Key

Same Form Factor, New Possibilities

RMG’s next generation of LED wallboard solutions uses captivating images and video to engage audiences with dynamic real-time visualization of content and data. But what’s more, MAX NETLITE EON allows for easy installation and fits into the same form factor as previous generation NETLITE™ wallboards with its sleek redesign offering power, impact, and energy efficiency in one state-of-the-art package.

RMG’s Turnkey Solution

At RMG, we are more than just LED-screen specialists. In fact, we offer complete turnkey LED display solutions developed to address many of the visual communication challenges our customers face. We back our solution with leading-edge software and professional expertise, not to mention, complimentary optimization technologies such as real-time viewer analytics systems.

A Complete Intelligent Solution:

  • Digital Signage Hardware
  • Digital Signage Software
  • Professional Services
  • Creative and Content Services
  • Installation

Unlocking a World of Possibilities

With MAX NETLITE EON, initiate smart communication, engagement, and efficiency to advance your message and your brand. MAX NETLITE EON can help you unlock these strategies:

  • GAMIFICATION to drive motivation and collaboration
  • RESOLUTION MESSAGES for a proactive workforce and to boost efficiencies
  • USER GENERATED CONTENT (UGC) for an inclusive, engaging culture
  • RICH, VISUAL MEDIA for increased attention and information uptake
  • INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS giving the message an extra dimension

Expect More with the Next Generation MAX NETLITE EON

With the next generation MAX NETLITE EON, your content can be displayed in more than just textual format.
Our custom LED display boards have many worthy features and benefits, including:

Screen Control
Anytime, Anywhere

Combining state-of-the-art technology with intelligent software, displays come fully equipped with a remote control centralised management platform to easily operate multiple screens from any central location.

High Quality,
Strong Visual Impact

Advanced LED technology, small pixel pitch, and seamless panels allow for high contrast and unmatched color accuracy when displaying your content.


RMG’s maintenance programs are designed to increase product reliability and longevity to provide you with a carefree experience.


Highly competitive pricing offered via a one-time purchase or monthly payments can be tailored to your financial strategy.


Our reliable products have an expected lifespan of 100,000 hours and a standard 3-year warranty, extendable up to 5 years.

& Robust

Ultra-light mesh LED panels with robust, die-cast aluminum frame and special panel edge protection for extra robustness.

Video: RMG® MAX
LED display signs

MAX NETLITE EON is part of the RMG MAX solutions family. Watch the video and learn more about RMG MAX. See how our modular solution meets any indoor or outdoor data and content visualization challenge with stunning visuals that encourage interaction and engagement from your target audience.

Video: RMG® MAX
LED display signs

MAX NETLITE EON is part of the RMG MAX solutions family. Watch the video and learn more about RMG MAX. See how our modular solution provides an answer to any indoor or outdoor data and content visualization challenge, providing stunning visuals, to interact with and engage your target audience.

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